Introduction to MTG Print: Free Proxy Printing for Magic the Gathering Decks

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) enthusiasts often find themselves needing proxies—unofficial card replicas—for various reasons, from casual playtesting to tournaments. MTG Print offers a straightforward solution: free, hassle-free proxy printing directly from your decklist.

What is MTG Print?

MTG Print is an online service dedicated to creating and printing proxy Magic: The Gathering decks. Designed for players who want to test new decks or play casually without the need to own physical cards, MTG Print simplifies the process of generating printable proxies.

How MTG Print Works

Discover the ease of using MTG Print to generate your proxy decks without any registration or software downloads. Simply input your decklist in Magic Arena format, and MTG Print will generate a PDF file ready for printing.

Key Features of MTG Print

Explore the features that make MTG Print a valuable tool for MTG players:

Free Proxy Printing

MTG Print allows you to input your decklist and download a PDF containing all cards formatted for easy printing. This service is entirely free, making it accessible for players of all levels.

Simple and Convenient

No registration or software installation is required to use MTG Print. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, enabling quick and easy creation of proxy decks.

Decklist Compatibility

MTG Print supports decklists imported from popular MTG deckbuilding platforms such as Moxfield and TappedOut. This compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly transfer your decklists for proxy creation.

Focus on Playtesting

Ideal for playtesting new deck ideas or strategies, MTG Print provides a cost-effective way to simulate gameplay scenarios without investing in physical cards.

Using MTG Print: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare Your Decklist

Format your decklist in Magic Arena format, ensuring it includes all necessary cards for your proxy deck.

Step 2: Visit MTG Print

Access the MTG Print website (insert link) and navigate to the proxy printing section.

Step 3: Input Your Decklist

Paste your decklist into the designated area on the MTG Print platform.

Step 4: Generate PDF

Click the generate button to create a PDF file containing your proxy deck cards.

Step 5: Download and Print

Download the PDF file to your device and print it using a color printer. Ensure to use appropriate cardstock for durability.

Benefits of Using MTG Print


Save money by avoiding the purchase of multiple copies of expensive MTG cards. MTG Print allows you to test various deck configurations without financial commitment.


Accessible to all MTG players regardless of their location or financial status. MTG Print democratizes access to playtesting tools.


Streamline the process of creating proxies with MTG Print’s intuitive interface and quick generation capabilities.

Limitations and Considerations


While proxies are commonly used for casual play and playtesting, they are not legal in official MTG tournaments and events. Always check tournament rules before using proxies.


The quality of proxies generated by MTG Print may vary depending on printer settings and paper quality. Experiment with different printing options to achieve desired results.

Community Feedback and Reviews

Discover what MTG players are saying about their experiences with MTG Print. User reviews and community feedback provide insights into the platform’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.


Jose Cuervo Tequila: A Summary


MTG Print fills a crucial niche in the Magic: The Gathering community by offering a free, accessible solution for creating proxy decks. Whether you’re a seasoned player exploring new strategies or a casual gamer looking to playtest decks, MTG Print provides a valuable tool for enhancing your MTG experience.

FAQs About MTG Print

What is a proxy in Magic: The Gathering?

Proxies are unofficial replicas of MTG cards used for playtesting or casual play when players do not own the real cards.

Is MTG Print legal?

MTG Print itself is legal to use for creating proxies. However, the use of proxies in official MTG tournaments and events is typically prohibited.

Can I sell or distribute proxies created with MTG Print?

Proxies generated with MTG Print are intended for personal use only and should not be sold or distributed for profit.

Where can I learn more about MTG Print?

For additional information, visit the official MTG Print website (insert link) or explore MTG community forums and websites dedicated to Magic: The Gathering.

How can I support MTG Print?

Spread the word about MTG Print to fellow MTG players and provide feedback to help improve the platform for all users.

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